Shishito Peppers

by Danielle Valdez

These little suckers are so addictive! Typically sweet with the occasional spicy one (gotta love unpredictable vegetables), they are packed with Vitamins A + C and posses anti-inflammatory properties. Since I first discovered them in our CSA box, they have increasingly become the priority of my weekly farmer’s market visit. The best part is they’re amazing all by themselves as a side dish or an appetizer.

Here’s what you do:

Heat a little oil in a pan (I use grapeseed oil, because it can withstand higher temperatures than olive oil)
Add peppers and saute for 10-15 minutes until blistered (they will turn a yellowish-green when finished)
Toss with salt, freshly ground pepper, sesame seeds, and the juice of about half a lemon
Serve warm
Eat whole (sans stem)

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And that’s it.
You’re welcome.